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Opportunistic...or proactive?

Opportunistic...or proactive?

Opportunistic...or proactive?


Opportunistic - adjective - exploiting immediate opportunities, especially regardless of planning or principle.

I've seen this word bandied about quite a lot recently, usually with negative connotations.

The suggestion that some businesses "taking advantage" of the pandemic are somehow in the wrong.

Are they?

As business owners, isn't that what we do every day, week, month & year?

Adapt to a situation and ensure our product/service solves a problem for the current market/environment.

I think so.

I call it being proactive. adjective - creating or controlling a situation rather than just responding to it after it has happened.

I look at those being opportunistic with admiration. And that is because, in my opinion, they are being proactive.

In my town, and I'm sure in yours too, there are several local bakeries, butchers, grocers etc who have introduced a delivery service that they didn't previously offer, in light of the current circumstances.

Quite rightly, they're now doing more business than I would wager they ever have.

They have seen a problem in the market. Identified how they can solve that problem. Promoted it and delivered it.

Opportunistic? Yes.

Proactive? Also, yes.

Which brings me to what we're doing at Merrehill.

We believe that the pandemic has had 1 of 4 implications on all businesses:

  1. A positive effect
  2. A neutral effect
  3. A negative effect
  4. A devastating effect

We have identified our services will be mostly beneficial to those who fall within #2 and #3.

These businesses are getting by during all this and have maybe lost some business. But are they planning for what comes after the pandemic is over?

Most of the businesses in #3 particularly will be doing all they can to recuperate any losses and average out the year. So will their competitors.

We believe we will see more discounts, offers, promotions than ever before.

That is why we're currently leading our own promo around arranging campaigns for when all is "back to normal". Be the first one in your industry to shout out and be the loudest. Day 1.

We are also aware that these businesses may not want to be spending much right now, so have took that on board and worked out a split payment system.

We are being opportunistic AND proactive with our services, in encouraging our clients to be proactive with theirs!

We have seen a problem in the market. Identified how we can solve that problem. Promoted it and will deliver it.

If you're interested in a b2b email marketing campaign, or just to find out more, contact us today and ask about our current offers.

Lee Shore

6th May 2020


Written by Lee Shore on 6th May, 2020.

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