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Outflow equals income

Outflow equals income

I was speaking with a friend at the weekend.

His friend had taken his advice and used a PPC voucher to gain some free ads to attract new visitors to his site.

He’d turned off the ad as soon as the required spend started using his own money.

All £7 of it!

Turns out the voucher (plus his £7) had gained him 7 new clients.

Worth approximately 400x his spend.


Turns out he hadn’t seen the direct correlation between the two.

He’s tried a new form of marketing and seen new clients.

But he couldn’t be sure if they had come from the ads.

Which reminded me of something I’ve always firmly believed in.

Outflow equals income!

We’ll often speak to a client following up on a campaign, asking how it went.

Quite often, they have seen a spike on web traffic and enquiries.

But “can’t be sure” if the email campaign caused it.

Whilst we kinda know it did here, ultimately, does it matter?

Experience has taught me if you’re doing a series of actions and it works, don’t change!

It can sometimes be the fact you are doing a series of things that’s causing the reaction.

Or it could be one of those solitary things.

Either way, ride the wave. Cutting one out could break the momentum (I’ve seen this too).

Outflow really does equal income.

Lee Shore
9th February 2022

Written by Lee Shore on 9th Feb, 2022.

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