Merrehill | Why weren't you doing that before?

Why weren't you doing that before?

Why weren't you doing that before?

I was speaking with a good friend last week.

From a safe distance of course!

We were talking about how lockdown was treating us on a personal and business level.

I told him of all the extra things I'd been doing in the business that have worked well.

Stuff where I've pushed myself out of my comfort zone to keep us going strong.

I told him it's all worked well and most of it I'll keep in when all returns to "normal".

He asked me "Why weren't you doing any of that stuff before?".

Which was a great question!

And one where I could only really agree with the sentiment behind the question.

But it got me thinking, why wasn't I?

I think the answer is complacency.

We'd gotten to a good stage with Merrehill.

Performing well.

Happy staff.

Consistent income.

Happy clients.

More risk averse than I was with the business 15 years ago.

We regularly speak with prospects who have never tried email marketing.

Often because of how some perceive email marketing.

Or how they themselves view email marketing.

"I delete those types of emails so know it doesn't work"

"All my emails will go to the junk folder"

"People will complain"

"I don't want to be blacklisted"

All common objections/opinions.

And here's how we address them, with sheer honesty:

"You only delete the emails you have no interest in. We're only speaking now because you responded to one of our promo emails"

(89% of our own leads came from email marketing in 2019)

"Yes, some of your emails will land in a junk folder, most won't, but that's dependant on the recipients' settings, and emails do still get read from junk"

"Some people may complain about receiving the email, but that comes to us and we handle it"

"You won't and can't be blacklisted. We do not use your domain name at all, and even if we did, we're doing nothing to cause a blacklisting"

The facts of the matter are:

Most people will delete your email.

Around 1 in every 100 will unsubscribe from future emails.

But we're not interested in that.

We're interested in those that will open the email.

That will read the content.

That are interested in what you're offering.

And that small percentage of the audience is what makes the campaign viable.

We don't fixate on the thousands of Google searches we appear on without a click.

We fixate on ensuring we give ourselves the best possible chance with those that do!

A high street retailer doesn't focus on all the people who don't come in his shop.

He does all he can to get people to want to go in the shop, and whilst they're there does all he can to capture their interest.


If you're interested in a b2b email marketing campaign, or just to find out more, contact us today and ask about our current offers.

Lee Shore

27th May 2020

Written by Lee Shore on 27th May, 2020.

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