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This is my 10th consecutive Wednesday blog. I made a commitment to myself to do this weekly. To keep the site content fresh. Another way of getting the name out there. And to deliver as a weekly email to our existing CRM list. Whilst I haven’t been doing this to pull in leads, I did suspect we’d pull in a few. My suspicion was way off. So far, this weekly blog has pulled in over 100 leads. Over 80% of those leads were from prospects in our CRM we’ve not spoken to for years. After 15 years, you end up with a lot of records that never really go anywhere, despite your best efforts. Whichever blog they responded to clearly resonated with them and they got in touch. For every 10 positive replies of feedback I get, I get 1 negative one. A complaint about the style of email, the frequency, and/or the contact in the first place. But I won’t stop. Why would I? After 15 years, and tens of thousands of campaigns run, you take all feedback on the chin. In fact, if you’re not seeing unsubscribes, you’re doing something wrong! Here’s another stat: 99.67% of the campaigns we ran for clients in 2019 used our in-house database. (Filterable by industry/geography/size etc don’t you know) How many of these clients, of you too, have an IDEAL list already built into their CRM? Prospects not spoken to in months/years? Those that have been given up on, and those who’ve possibly forgotten about you. Well, give it a go. Get a message out there to them. Plenty of email providers out there that exist for this service alone. We can help too of course. We can manage your list, clean it, and get your message out there. Drop me an email back, and let’s get something rolling. Lee Shore 24th June 2020 Get in touch with us at Merrehill today to find out how Digital Email Marketing can help you and your business.

Written by Lee Shore on 24th Jun, 2020.

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