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Genuinely Delighted

Genuinely Delighted

Following on from last week's blog of the lacklustre reaction to 'Tell a story'.

I thought I'd show something from the other side this week.

A simple, yet effective, testimonial from a brand-new client.

We received this feedback after his first send:

"Thank you Lee,

After working for many years and getting massively less

interaction from email marketing posts, I’m genuinely delighted with the response.

I’m sure that you’ve seen that we have a quite a few very credible direct enquiries,

too which is fantastic. Thanks for all of your work."

...and then this after his follow-up email:

"Hi All,

Just a quick and sincere ‘thank you’ – not only have we seen great results for the

follow-up to the first email, we have today, received our first order (which could be

the first of a batch of 140 if the client likes it). We are also working on several others

leads, including a job that could run into several hundred thousand pounds.

After approaching email marketing with scepticism, I have to admit that I'm gob-smacked

with the response that we have had in what is only our first email campaign. 8 days after the

first emails were sent; we have a genuine and substantial confirmed order. "

Course, we don't get feedback like that from every campaign.

But this was a perfect example of getting the right audience.

With the right message.

At the right time!

Lee Shore

8th July 2020

Written by Lee Shore on 15th Jul, 2020.

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